Interior design, how long does it take?

How long does it take to make an interior project? This is a question that interests many of you and to which we will try to give a general answer. Of course, each interior studio has its own understanding of deadlines but most follow the basic rules. We will look at the case where we start from the beginning and come to a completed interior design, ready for photos. This includes author supervision and execution until the client is ready.


Interior design – for how long? Who cares?

The ones in a hurry. These are the people who most often ask about how long interior design lasts. If you are in a hurry, then this article will be useful to you.

It also depends on what type of interior the future interior project will be. If it will be your dream home, then we advise you to give it as much time as you can. If it is for investment or rental purposes, then fast execution is essential and then haste is justified. Of course, not at the expense of quality.

If we are doing an interior design of a hotel for example

When it comes to a public interior project, such as a hotel or restaurant, then things are on the scales. Sufficient attention must be paid to the interior design and it must be done quickly. In this case it must be taken in mind that the competition is relentless and mediocre hotels are subsequently on the losing side. Then the location factor is decisive. If there are not many other hotels in the area but the influx of customers is serious then you have nothing to lose. You quickly make an interior design for the rooms, quickly furnish with ready-made furniture and welcome the guests. Of course, this is a double-edged sword because once again – the competition is relentless. There is always someone to build a hotel next to yours and take your customers. Just so you know: the look sells, the nice interior design too.

Office interior design

If it is an office, for example a company that is in a rented space and just had bought its own office, then the time factor increases in importance. The same applies to any type of business that operate in rented premises and are in the purchasing phase of a new office. Then it is important to save the months in which rent is paid and the interior design should be accelerated, as well as its implementation. In addition, it sometimes takes time to move in and reorganize. In this case the rush is justified. Then you could reasonably request a more specific deadline for the preparation of an interior design.

Why do you ask?

Interior design – why is it so important to know how long the design will take? Of course, everyone can have their reasons, but it’s still good to think about whether it’s important to hurry. What makes you hurry, what do you gain and what do you lose?

We return to the two options. If it is your own home, then you are either expecting an important life event and you want it to happen in the new home, or the current home no longer suits you, or you are on rent and want to eliminate one expense.

Sometimes it is important for you to know for how long the interior design will be ready, because you want to be prepared purely organizationally. When the interior design is ready – start implementing it immediately.

The second option is when the future interior will be designed for business: restaurant, hotel, shop, hairdressing studio, etc. Then it is important for you to follow your business plan. Just keep in mind that rushing is sometimes more expensive. In this case bet on the balance, do not underestimate the interior design, just insist on it!

Is it important to you?

Some people are just in a hurry. They are just like that, they do their job faster than the others. Sometimes they are happy with what they have done, sometimes they are unhappy and wonder why. In fact, they don’t ask themselves the question – “Is it important for me to be in such a hurry?” Rushing in any interior project brings with it mistakes, unforeseen costs and other headaches.

Let’s say you are going to make a new villa and you want to furnish it with an interior designer. You have a wonderful apartment, you are not renting or you are renting but that does not bother you. Then why hurry? First, ask yourself if it is important to you because sometimes you will finish faster than planned, but the results will be deplorable and you will not be satisfied. You will have spent a bag of money, you will live in a mediocre house with 1000 remarks and the remodeling will never be finished, because something will always be lost in this hurry and you will have to finish or fix it. In the neat interior design everything is planned, calculated and mistakes are minimized.

Of course, there can always be an opposite. Then surely the time specified in the offer for interior design will be the most important.

Interior design – for how long? Which takes how long?

Let’s divide our interior design into three main parts and determine which takes the most time.

Conceptual interior design

Includes zoning, expansions and 3D visualizations. It also includes a discussion with the client and few other details.

Interior design – working project

In this phase we develop working drawings for all construction parts of the interior design, such as interior partitions, plumbing, electrical, ceilings, flooring and others. In addition, we pay special attention to the detailed development of detailed drawings of the furniture included in our interior design.

Implementation of an interior project

Collection of offers for everything provided in our interior design;

Quantitative accounts;

Organization of the construction workers of the respective construction parts;

Furniture production, installations, etc.

In our interior studio we believe that the implementation of any interior project takes the most time, because it does not depend directly on us. However, the human factor is involved. But with enough experience and good preliminary organization the time required for the implementation of the specific interior project could be specified relatively accurately.

In second place is the conceptual interior design. We try to surpass ourselves every time on an ideological level. We want to upgrade with each new project to be competitive over time as we have always been. There is also the factor “technological time” which is important for the preparation of 3D visualizations for a given interior project. In general, for each room we need about two days for a 3D visualization, because we insist on high quality.

Working project takes the least time, not because it is the easiest or because it is not important to us, but because it depends entirely on our knowledge and skills. We do not have technological time here and most of the details were invented at the conceptual interior design stage. It’s just that everything has already been determined and we are required to draw it and size it for production. This applies to both construction drawings and furniture drawings.

Interior design, for how long? Does size matter?

Each interior design is different, but let’s answer this question briefly:

The number of rooms is more important to us than their size. The more rooms you have – the longer our work lasts. The more open the space that is the subject of interior design, the faster it happens.

It is much faster for us to design generalized spaces. This is reflected both in the conceptual drawings and in the 3D visualizations, as well as in the working drawings.

This is not very important for the implementation of the interior design. Whether a generalized space is furnished or one is divided into many rooms does not matter much.

Interior design, for how long? Can we reverse the processes?

The short answer is NO.

As much as you are tempted to start with the electricity for example. Without the project ready, don’t do it! This is the first mistake you will make.

There are different sayings. Some say that “it is not right to put the cart in front of the horse”, others say “do not spread the butter on the bread before you cut the slice because you will get yourself dirty”. And we tell you just don’t do nonsense! Listen to us! Everything has the right time to start.

This advice will save you a lot of nerves and headaches. So, don’t give in!

The same goes for the offers of everything that includes our interior design.

Sometimes we are asked the following question: “How much money will the project cost me?” They ask us this question even before they ask how much the interior project itself will cost them, and sometimes we haven’t even met the client yet. This is not serious.

Of course, you will receive offers and accurate quantitative calculations of everything that includes the interior design, but this will be when we have designed everything and know what to write in the offers and specifications. Otherwise we will make them up and give you a chart in which nothing will be true.

The tale of English tailors.

There were small tailoring workshops on a special street in London. At their entrances were put signs with inscriptions in the typical English style. Some of them said:

“We work qualitatively, fast and cheap, choose two of the three!”

If you want to find out more about what our interior design project involves, you can contact us or browse the interior designer services section of the site.