Bedroom interior design


Bedroom interior design


What you should know about this interior design project:

Bedroom interior design PREMIUM:

How big? – 35 m2

Photographer: Evgeni Ivanov 

interior design-black

This bedroom interior design is all about the look and the ‘Wow’ effect. In it, we did not adhere to a budget and had complete freedom to create. All materials used are the highest class on the market. Almost all furniture is made to order to fit perfectly into our concept of perfect interior design, and others are by famous furniture designers that you won’t see in mainstream interiors. This bedroom is part of a big project of ours, from which we have already shown you “living room interior design” and “house design“. To recall – this is a large family house outside Sofia, which we started from its very beginning. It includes 4 bedrooms, living room, dining area, gym, outdoor pool, barbecue, summer cinema and winery.

Bedroom interior design – wall puzzle


The overall feel of this bedroom interior design we aimed to be cozy and stylish at the same time. We achieved this using the wooden elements and the implemented dark colors. In order for a room to look more premium, we at Interior Designer Ltd believe that the use of simple white walls should be kept to a minimum. For this reason, part of the walls in this bedroom interior design are covered with puzzle made of MDF oak veneer and graphite gray MDF paint. The puzzle itself is refined down to the last detail, even its corners are adjusted to form the originally intended geometric shapes.

"Every interior designer is obliged to make a design that will last over time"

"Every interior designer is obliged to make a design that will last over time"

Both walls were designed with great attention to accuracy and detail by our interior designer who designed this bedroom. An extremely precise drawing has been prepared for each. We meticulously monitored their implementation down to the smallest detail. These are the main highlights in the interior design of this room.

Bedroom interior design PREMIUM – accent wall made of white MDF gloss


We decided the wall frontal to the bedroom in white MDF varnish. The door is also made of this material to fit perfectly and not steal away from the “wow” look of the wall. In it, we inlaid small geometric elements to correspond and be in full sync with the opposite wall dressed with an MDF puzzle. Cladding all the main walls in MDF changed the overall feel of this interior design project. We avoided the white latex walls and gave a feeling of luxury and coziness at the same time. The TV in this bedroom interior design is integrated into the white MDF wall. Below it, we built a niche for all the cables and related equipment. When creating a given interior, it is important to take into account the not so aesthetically pleasing elements.

PREMIUM bedroom interior design – floor


The floor is oak parquet, and of course we matched the shades of all the wooden elements used. The moment of transition between the parquet in the room and the granite tile in the corridor is special. For this transition we used a cork insert to avoid using molding. Our main rule is to avoid using moldings on the floor in the rooms. We believe that this inevitably kills the good final look of the interior design in the spaces.


In interior design, it is very important that the colors are in absolute harmony and that they are matched or that there is a meaningful contrast between them. All ordered furniture is cylindrical in shape, which further contributes to the feeling of a more premium interior. When a given piece of furniture is oval in shape and devoid of any edges, it instantly increases production cost. The technology, time and complexity of such pieces of furniture inevitably makes them much more expensive. The bedside tables are made of MDF paint, and the table located in front of the bedroom is made of MDF veneer. Also, in order to keep the design of the table intact for a long time, we added a glass cover to the top, and from an ergonomic point of view, it also has two drawers, in which everything one may need can be stored, so that it is always well organized, and not cluttered.

Custom made furniture


Furniture is the other main and very important part in any interior design. As already mentioned, most of them are custom made by our design and drawings, also we added designer furniture. The nightstands we placed on both sides of the bedroom are custom made and are the same color as the graphite gray elements in the wall puzzle.

A detail in this interior design


The extravagant chairs located in front of the bedroom are ordered from Italy. The design is by Hans J. Wegner who is a Danish designer. The three-legged “shell” chair was produced for the first time in 1963 in a very limited series. Figures are selling slowly and there is not much interest in the chair. In the 1990s, however, interest in more avant-garde shapes in furniture design returned in style and the chair was put into production again in 1997.



The lighting placed on the bedside tables is by no means chosen arbitrarily. The main idea in this interior design is for the predominant shape to be oval. We followed this rule in the lighting of the bedside tables as well. The lighting fixtures are also designer and very high class. We stopped at Foscarini Gregg.


The overall picture


All bedrooms in this interior project have a bathroom, toilet and closet. In this way, each bedroom acquires an additional level of comfort. It is also important to note that each bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors to allow for peaceful access to the outdoor pool and courtyard.

When designing a premium bedroom interior design, every little detail is essential. It is also important that everything placed in such an interior corresponds. Putting in self-serving elements would only negatively impact the bottom line.

This is only the first bedroom of this large-scale “house design” project. We will go through all the others in detail. Each room is different, in a different range and mood.