NEW interior design

NEW interior design

Interior Design – this is the art in which we live in“ 


We take every commissioned interior design project as a blank canvas upon which we have the opportunity to create. Using different techniques we describe the individuality of each of our clients who have trusted us.

Execution of a project for interior  – till key.

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Interior design – can be quite a challenge but not if you hand it over to us.


The implementation of  “interior – till key” is a phase, which we offer to our clients because throughout the years we saw that this can turn out to be quite a challenge. We work with qualified team of construction workers that specialize in different aspects of the interior design excecution.

Implementation of „till key“ interior design

Interior design studio Dapchev Design guarantees quality implementation of the „till key“ interior project prepared by us. With it, we save you a lot of headaches related to communication with construction workers and errors in the execution of the interior design prepared by us. Instead of investing your money in correcting the mistakes you will make in the execution of the interior, you can invest it in something more productive. In order to turn the construction site into your new cozy home that you have imagined, we cover the following points of the proposed project:

  • Carrying out all repair work;
  • Moving, construction and repair of interior partition walls;
  • Relocation of electrical and plumbing outlets or construction of new ones according to the needs of the prepared interior design;
  • Construction and shaping of ceilings. Construction of plasterboard detailed complete arrangement of the ceilings with all the laid out conclusions in the interior design;
  • Installation of various types of flooring with relevant preparatory activities such as self-leveling screeds, Knauf dry raised floors.
  • Finishing works on walls – putty, plasterboard cladding, paneling, etc.
  • Heat and ventilation – installation of heating elements, construction of ventilation systems, construction of fireplaces of all kinds (closed and open);
  • Construction of bathrooms and wet rooms according to the interior project;
  • Production of all furniture included in the interior project;
  • Delivery and installation of lighting fixtures;
  • Installation of all other elements included in the interior project – faucets, shower screens, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • Decoration – delivery and installation of all decorative elements included in the projected interior design;

Advantages of execution by an interior designer

If you entrust us with the execution of the interior design designed by us, you guarantee compliance with every detail. The many small and seemingly imperceptible details give the interior a complete look. In addition to the good visual end result, you will also get a complete organization of the processes.

Other benefits:

  • Commencement of repair works immediately after the end of the conceptual process;
  • Fixing a start date;
  • All repair phases will be carried out by our team of construction workers;
  • The organization will be undertaken by our interior designer and thus you will only communicate with him on all matters;
  • You will receive a detailed budget to plan and optimize your expenses;
  • We prepare an online organizational chart where you can keep track of the processes that are currently being carried out, those that are yet to be carried out and everything that has been done;
  • We organize all supplies of materials and consumables necessary for the repair works. We also undertake the organization with the suppliers;
  • You receive all documents and invoices during the repair;
  • After the completion of all stages, you receive a guarantee from our interior designer that your project has been realized;

Interior designer about us

Hello, I am an interior designer and this is my portfolio that I present to your attention. My name is Zlatan Dapchev, I have been working in this field since 2004, and in 2006 I created „INTERIOR DESIGNER“ LTD. Since then, I have realized hundreds of projects with my interior design company in Sofia. My experience taught me to deal with difficulties and anticipate unexpected situations before they arise. My team and I take every empty room as a challenge. A white sheet on which we apply our ideas, with a lot of love and dedication. We know that every designer touches people’s homes and lifestyles, and we like to think of ourselves as responsible professionals.

The best interior designers in Sofia

The best interior designers follow the rule of „Form follows function“. We are no exception and try to fulfill each new vision and each new interior project with functionality.

We follow the rules and follow the ideas of recognized names in design and learn from them, these are:

Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and others.

We know that the profession of interior designer is a vocation and we have dedicated our whole life to it. We have an engineering education, which gives us the opportunity to organize the production of the furniture included in our interior projects.

Interior design studio

The designers in our interior studio develop 3D renderings of their projects themselves, giving them the opportunity to pay attention to detail and offer their best.

Interior design – companies in Sofia and the country

We have a lot of experience in developing interior projects in Sofia, but with the same success we have handled many orders for interior design in the country and abroad. Our prices are average in the market because we believe that more people should be able to afford the services of an interior designer.

We are pleased to carry out our interior projects with partners proven, over time, as correct companies, for which we thank them and wish them success! We would be happy to work with new partners, because it is important for us to expand our contacts on a daily basis.