Interior design in industrial style can be achieved in both small and large spaces. There are many examples of interiors in this style, which are designed ceilings of old buildings, basements or halls of abandoned factories. In this case we will pay attention to one of our best projects in industrial style, which we have designed in Boyana.

The apartment has an area of ​​200m2 with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small bathroom, a corridor and a large living room. The interior design is decided to be mainly in industrial style with polished concrete flooring with built-in floor heating. In the bedrooms, the floor is covered with antibacterial carpet with a pad that gives softness to every step. Metal, wood and concrete are the main materials used, as the wood has details of pyrography made by us, and the metal is perfectly polished to a mirror. Using the method of pyrography we aim to mark some details as with a stamp that fits into the interior of the industrial style.

The heights of the rooms are preserved, as the hidden lighting in the ceiling is achieved with a minimum reduction and a suspended ceiling. With the used approach we have achieved concealment of the curtain rods, which gives completeness and definiteness to the interior in industrial style.

All walls and ceilings throughout the apartment have an integrated system for cooling and heating. This is an innovation that represents pipes through which water flows at the appropriate temperature. The system maintains a pleasant body temperature all year round.

Interior design industrial style – living room

In the living room we accent on white, as the main color. The flooring is again polished concrete, polished to a mirror reflection. Technological joints, in addition to being mandatory for the execution of the flooring additionally contribute to the feeling of storage. This vision complements our idea of ​​interior design in an industrial style. The windows are made of plastic in order to avoid their standard look, we have specially designed blinds looking like Japanese wall to hide the windows. The curtains in front of them are sewn from white denim. On the ceiling are placed decorative elements of metal profiles and metal mesh which are in several sizes.

The living room has three main areas: kitchen, dining room and living room.

Interior design industrial style – kitchen

To achieve an industrial style kitchen design, it is very appropriate to rely on an island kitchen and technical stone countertops. In our case, the cabinets are made of veneered MDF with hand pyrography made by us. The bottom row is filled mainly with built-in appliances – oven, dishwasher, washing machine and bin under the sink, also the lockers under the island provide enough storage space. The overall finish of the kitchen is slightly reminiscent of vintage style which we have achieved with frame doors and pyrography. The sink is bigger than usual and the siphon has a built-in garbage grinder. In the two large cabinets are built-in two refrigerators with a lower freezer section, and in the column next to them we have provided frames for photos of the family.

Above the island we have concentrated six directional lighting fixtures for better lighting in the work area. The two industrial chairs are designed by us and are made to order.

The tiles between the countertop and the top row of cabinets are 100x100mm faience, some of which are hand-painted and baked in an oven. The paint is special and does not wear out.

Interior design industrial style – dining room

The dining table in industrial style is made of MDF with two colors of veneer. A chess board is pyrographed on the counter. The base is made of thin, polished to mirror stainless steel profiles, which add cubicity and airiness to the base. The chairs are different to avoid stiffness of the same elements. In general, interior design in an industrial style implies a variety of elements. Above the dining table we have provided a large lighting fixture to bring more light into the area. The decorative panels that are hung on the wall are made by us and for this purpose we used polished steel and steel ropes, crossed in all directions. The two shelves that separate the living room from the dining room and the kitchen are for books and small works of art.

Interior design industrial style – living room

In the living room we have a large, soft sofa and a large TV, in front of which descends a video wall integrated into the ceiling. We decided that a large projection screen would bring even closer the feeling of interior design in an industrial style. The projector is connected with an HDMI cable to a computer that controls all the multimedia in the apartment. The wall behind the TV is made of specially designed panels of metal profiles and metal mesh. In front of them is a table resembling bench which serves as a side table.

Coffee tables are made of metal and marble.

Interior – corridor

In the industrial style design of the corridor or the entrance hall we bet on a space cleared of objects. The two large sliding doors are made of different tones of veneers. One leads to the living room and the other hides a niche in which there is a utility room and a closet for hanging clothes, as well as shelves for shoes. The bench and the mirror are made by hand by us same as the beam (the seat of the bench) is aged and treated with paste. On the wall for decoration are placed eight drops of a bicycle. Concealed lighting is provided on the ceiling of the entire corridor, and in the areas with works of art there are placed directional lighting fixtures. The feeling of interior design industrial style of the corridor is enhanced by the large doors, resembling garage’s.

For the interior design industrial style of the bedroom we have focused on flooring antibacterial carpet combined with polished concrete on the walls. The bed is upholstered and the headboard is made of pillows with removable covers. All upholstery can be removed and washed in the washing machine. The bedside tables are made in the spirit of the whole apartment and for this purpose we have again used several shades of veneered MDF. The TV is directly opposite the bedroom and immediately below it there is a console locker that does not step on the floor. The bedside tables, as well as the locker under the TV were again pyrographed by hand. We believe that pyrography corresponds, very well with the interior design industrial style.

Оn the ceiling and walls

There are dimmable concealed lighting on the ceiling and the two lighting fixtures whose design is ours, are made especially for this apartment to order. The wooden panel on the bathroom wall is made of aged beams and stainless steel brackets.

The walls are decorated with plaster which imitates concrete panels, which give an industrial finish to the entire bedroom.

The bathroom

The bathroom is architecturally integrated to the bedroom, and we have enhanced this feature with two different sized windows, which are from floor to ceiling. These windows are made of two panes with the appropriate distance between them, in which a wooden blind is integrated.

The door which is located to the right of the bed, leads to a separate room which serves as a wardrobe but there is also a dressing table. The door is designed with hidden sliding, as the surface on both sides is designed accordingly with the style of the respective rooms.

On one side it is made of white veneer with pyrography, and on the other side it is made of walnut veneer with milled decoration – wire mesh.

industrial style – bedroom

Interior design industrial style – wardrobe

The wardrobe is decided in the reddish warmth of the stained European walnut. This color combination, combined with the gray rough walls perfectly suits our vision for interior design industrial style wardrobe. The walls are made using a special Italian technology, which can be spotted in a number of large temples in Bulgaria and around the world. The mixture from which the facing stones are made has a formula created especially for this interior. It was made by a Bulgarian artist by order. For lighting we have set directional lighting fixtures which are mounted on the ceiling. The flooring in the dressing room is again carpet, the same as in the bedroom.

The cabinets

The cabinets are designed for hanging clothes, folding and arranging, as well as for storing shoes, belts and other accessories. We used leather watch straps for the handles of the drawers. The mirror is hung on the wall and there is a large stool in front of it. To give a more industrial look to the wardrobe, we have added a shelf made of metal mesh with secure edges. We have provided space for hanging belts, as well as small shelves for accessories.

Bathroom 1

This bathroom is close to the children’s rooms and is designed in a slightly vintage style. We used white faience tiles 20×20 which we painted by hand with special paints. At the next stage the tiles are baked in a ceramic kiln. The motives are related to the breeding of butterflies.

The white faience tiles perfectly match the industrial style of the bathroom.

The bathroom sink is made of corian, and above it there are two cupboards for accessories. A large mirror is built into the wall between them, and above it there is a bathroom sconce. The ceilings have built-in, recessed lighting and ventilation. The shower area is separated by a 2 cm thick tempered glass, which stops the water droplets when bathing. The floor is a grill made of corian. All tiles on the walls in the bathroom are from floor to ceiling.


The apartment has three wet rooms, two of which are bathrooms, and the third is a small toilet, which also serves as a laundry room. There is a built-in washing machine and dryer under the sink.

Bathroom 2

The bathroom to the master bedroom is designed in the beige range. The tiles we used are granite tiles with a size of 180×80 cm. Large tiles, with the help of which walls are formed without unnecessary joints, easy to clean and definite as a design decision. The bathroom is divided into two zones by a wall: one is provided for a shower and the other has a large metal sink with a cabinet and a toilet with a built-in cistern. The wall on which the sink is mounted has tiles that are cut by water cutting. Chaotically intersecting joints are formed, and a large irregularly shaped mirror is built in the middle. A lamp is mounted on the ceiling to illuminate the sink. The cabinet is made of teak wood. All tiles on the walls in the bathroom are from floor to ceiling.

In the shower area, a teak grill is mounted on the floor, which hides the siphon and gives a more natural feeling to the ones stepping on it. Part of the wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom is made of glass, and in order for natural light to enter the bathroom a blind is provided to dim if necessary. Concealed lighting and ventilation are built into the ceiling.

Guest toilet

Small toilet near the living room, which is  mainly for guests. It is designed in vintage style. There are special wallpapers on the walls, which are delivered on request. The sink top is made of marble, and under it in the lockers are built-in washing machine and dryer. The shelves on the wall are metal and the idea is to look like metal cassettes. A metal beam is mounted on the ceiling, in which there is hidden lighting. Cornices are also installed between the wall and the ceiling