Interior Designer Ltd. presents to your attention its portfolio of interior projects in Sofia and the country.

The presentation of each interior design that we introduce to you has a short article describing the projects, the assignment and some tricks we have used.

The best interior designers use the rule “form follows function”, which has become our motto over the years. In the videos, to our realized interior projects, we have explained in more detail the ergonomic features of the furniture and furnishings.

Interior designer wishes you a pleasant viewing of the page! If you have additional questions do not hesitate to call us on the phone number we have stated in Contacts!

Interior Designer Ltd. presents the interior of a living room, which is part of an interior design of a house. The whole living room is about 100m2 and includes three main areas:

  • kitchen design;
  • dining room design;
  • interior design of the living room;

Interior designer will present the other areas of the house in separate articles, with a more detailed description of each detail.

An interior designer prepared a video for the presentation, in which he emphasized the individual elements, their functionality and the details that shape the interior.

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Interior Designer Ltd.

In this article, we present you a bedroom interior design without a fixed budget. It features the best quality materials and premium furnishings with designer and custom-made furniture. The interior designer who designed this interior describes all the details in the execution.

We will tell you about the furniture, the wall covering and all the other details of this premium interior design.

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Interior Designer Ltd.


In this article, we will show you the second bedroom from our large-scale “signature” project – a house design with a yard. In it, our interior designer shares blueprints and bedroom design details. Every decision in this project is described and justified to the smallest detail. Inspired by the classics and modernized at the same time, this bedroom is filled with attention to all the little details.
Also included in the article are:

  • Wardrobe design
  • Bathroom design

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Our interior design company has prepared a project of a beauty studio in Sofia. This is a presentation in which you can find tricks and ideas for furnishing your hair salon, beauty studio or beauty salon. In this project, our interior designer, included the following areas:

  • Waiting area;
  • Interior design of a hairdressing salon;
  • Hair washing area;
  • Manicure area design;
  • Customer service area (cash register);
  • Cosmetics store interior;
  • Pedicure area design;
  • Taking photos area;
  • Interior of two cosmetic offices;

You can contact us to prepare an offer for interior design in Sofia or the country. We offer intеrior projects with or without implementation, depending on your preferences.

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Even the best interior designer in Sofia dreams of the opportunity to touch the magical atmosphere of Stockholm.

When we received the assignment for an interior design in scandinavian style, we approached with the necessary attention and professionalism.

We present to your attention:

  • Scandinavian style kitchen;
  • Living room in Scandinavian style;
  • Scandinavian-style apartment design projects;

This interior project, in addition to giving us great pleasure, helped us gain some experience with clients from the Scandinavian countries, which we will share with you in our portfolio.

The apartment is small, about 52m2 and is located on a small street in the city center. It is intended to be home of a young lady who is a student in Stockholm.

We have developed a conceptual interior design and a detailed, working, interior design for implementation.

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In this presentation of an interior design project in Sofia you can get acquainted with the rules and subtleties of the industrial style. In the article about the interior, our interior designers paid attention to:

  • Living room in industrial style;
  • Kitchen design;
  • Living room interior design;
  • Corridor in industrial design;
  • Industrial bedroom interior;
  • Industrial style bathroom;
  • Bathroom vintage style;
  • Design of a guest toilet;

Our interior company has developed a complete set of drawings for the implementation of the site. In addition, we worked on the implementation of the project with the team of “KA ENGINEERING 2004” Ltd., which have been our faithful partner for many years and with which we have many completed projects.

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We present to your attention one part of this house design, for which our interior designer has developed an interior and exterior project.

In a separate article we will tell you in  detail about the interior of the house, which is completed to the last detail. In this we will pay more attention to the design of the yard, which includes:

  • Facade design of a house;
  • Pool design;
  • Fence design;
  • Barbecue design project;
  • Garden design and landscaping;
  • Alley design;

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Interior design livingroom

This living room interior design is one of our small projects. The whole project is just one room that our clients assigned to us. Our interior designer accepted the task gladly.

You could contact our interior design company to develop for you an interior design project in Sofia and the country.

This is a presentation of a small bedroom interior, which was developed by our interior designer. With this we want to show you that not only large interior projects attract our attention. We treat with respect every client who uses the services of our interior studio in Sofia and the country.

Every interior deserves the attention of our interior designers, as long as it is approached with taste and the right vision. Thanks to the customers who trusted us!

In this apartment, we present to you rooms decided mainly in the gray range, but at the same time bringing coziness, as was the demand from our clients to our interior designer. In it, we designed all the rooms except the children’s room.

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Here we present you a completed interior of a relatively budget apartment. Our interior designer who realized this interior project goes through all the subtleties of the implementation and all the challenges related to it. In this presentation, we will take you through the premises in the apartment, namely:

  • living room interior design;
  • bedroom design;
  • kitchen project;
  • bathroom interior design;

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This is a presentation of a modern apartment interior designed mainly in black and gray colors. We will walk you through all the rooms in this interior project and describe in detail the elements included. Our interior designer, who designed this apartment, will share with us all the interesting details and case studies in the process of realizing this interior design.

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