Interior design project

of budget friendly apartment

Interior design project

of budget friendly apartment

What you should know about this interior design project:


Interior  design project of a budget friendly apartment:

Where? – Sofia

More specific? – Hypodruma

How big? – 50 m2

Photographer: Evgeni Ivanov


Interior design project of a living room


The living room in this interior is 20 m2, but the light and the harmonious use of colors optically give additional volume. We used latex in a pastel green color for the walls, and we decided to keep the ceiling white. Latex is a very budget solution for any interior project, but it only looks good if the color is carefully selected! We have used oak parquet and English skirting boards for the floor. It’s certainly not the cheapest on the market, but any interior designer would advise you to stick with parquet instead of laminate. Parquet is a natural material that fits very well into any interior and is much more wear-resistant. Even in time, after it wears off its charm becomes even more visible.


Discussing and exploring of the ideas and needs

Interior design becomes quite a serious challenge if the budget for it is limited. By no means does this mean that the task is overwhelming. In this particular case, the interior project that we will present to you is designed in Scandinavian style.

It is important to discuss all the details at the very beginning of the concept project, so that the budget can be distributed proportionally. In this article, we will go through all the rooms to dine yourself that you can achieve the desired look, stylish interiors cozy home on a relatively small budget. At the beginning of the meetings with our client, our interior designer dealing with this project discussed all the ideas that our client had collected in a Pinterest folder. We always like to listen to our clients’ ideas first, then we discuss which ones are applicable, to arrive at the most suitable interior project.

"Details are not details. They shape the interior design project"



For the soft furniture in our budget interior design of a living room, we mainly focused on colors in the gray range, typical of the Scandinavian style. The sofa is made to order, but you can always find a suitable analogue at IKEA. We have used chipboard for the TV cabinet. This is the most economical option for the furniture in your interior and reflects well on any budget. However, if you want this piece of furniture in your living room interior to be more special, you can always exceed the budget and choose MDF. This material is of higher quality, more durable and allows making more non-standard shapes. There must be a balance between economy and vision. The tops of the living room and dining table are made of compact laminate. It is an extremely durable and lightweight material that fit very well into our budget apartment interior project. The more expensive equivalent is a technical stone.


Bedroom interior design project

We used the same materials and colors for the walls, floor and ceiling in the interior design project of the bedroom. In order for there to be synchronicity in an interior, there must also be repetition of materials and colors. So everything you used is interconnected and corresponds. Both in the bedroom and in the living room we have placed yellow decorative elements. They are something small and at first glance insignificant, but after choosing your detail and applying it to the interior of any room, you will certainly notice a tangible change. For our interior design we used accessories from Jysk.

We have used MDF and black metal profiles for the bedside tables. We have focused on MDF because, as we have already noted, it is important to have a variety of more expensive and budget materials in every interior. If every piece of furniture in your interior is made only of chipboard, it will certainly negatively affect the final look. For this reason, budget planning is very important to be done by an interior designer, who will distribute it proportionally among all the rooms in your interior.


The kitchenette in our interior project is connected to the living room. We decided on a U-shape, for maximum use of the space. When square footage in an interior is limited, every square meter is essential. The oak parquet, the English skirting boards and the ornament used on the ceiling follow their natural extension from the living room into the kitchen.

The color we have used for the kitchen cabinets is again pastel green, like the color of the walls in the interior design of the living room. As we have already noted, all rooms in the interior must be interconnected and there must be repetition of the elements, materials and colors used.

Interior design project ofthe kitchen


The cabinet doors are made of MDF to balance the use of chipboard. Also, MDF is a much more durable material and we strongly recommend its use, especially for the interior of kitchenettes. For all cabinets, we have also applied the typical rectangular ornament typical of Scandinavian interiors. All kitchen appliances, including the hood, are built-in. In this way, the kitchen looks much more organized and finished.

The material we have used for the space between the cabinets and the worktop is compact laminate. It was also used for the dining room and coffee table tops in the living room.


Interior design project – bathroom

The interior design of the bathroom was a challenge primarily because of the budget, but also because of the limited space. In order to escape from the standard look, we have used tiles with a size of 1200×80 cm. The use of larger tiles for our bathroom interior project helped to optically increase its volume. For the space behind the toilet bowl, we decided to apply an interesting detail. By water cutting we made smaller tiles of 20×20 cm size.

In the interior of the bathroom, we also placed a built-in mirror cabinet. It has enough storage space for all hygiene materials in a household. It is no coincidence that the surface of the cabinet is mirrored. In small spaces, the use of mirrors is an absolute must. This way you create the illusion that the room is bigger.

We strongly believe in our motto “form follows function”. Every detail that we apply in a given interior project is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Above the sink, we have installed a mirror the size of the bathroom tiles. The alcove next to the sink is made of technical stone, which also helped to keep us within the original budget for this bathroom interior design project.

Interior design of a budget apartment – comparison before and now

We were able to complete our entrusted interior completely within the originally set budget. Which as we already mentioned was a challenge for our team, but both we and our client were happy with the end result. We managed to achieve a clean final interior concept.


interior-design-comparison living-room
interior-design-comparison living-room-2