Interior design beauty studio with a project made mainly by a man with a bare head. Can you imagine what a trial we went through :)? Now seriously, we hope you like this presentation, because it was a pleasure for us to prepare this project for interior design of a beauty studio.

Of course, we first started with the zoning of the whole room, which consisted of two independent spaces that were connected by a long corridor. In fact, they were separated by a wall in this corridor that we pushed.

The total area of ​​the entire beauty studio after the unification of the two rooms became 109m². We made a detailed analysis of the architectural features and identified the main areas of work. In one half we placed a waiting area, four hairdressing chairs, two manicure places, two chairs for washing hair, a safe and a small scaffolding behind the cash register. In the other room we set aside two places for pedicure and two separate beauty salons. We also created a place for photos, which is branded with the logo of the company.

Plan arrangement

On one of the walls of the corridor that connects the two rooms, we installed long, massive shelves for perfumes and cosmetics and so we turned the corridor into a cosmetics store.

The most important area in this interior design – a beauty studio.

Let’s start with the presentation of the hairdressing salon area, which we located right after the waiting area. We decided to arrange the chairs by the length of one of the walls and keep them all close in order to make it easier to clean the fallen hair. However, spreading hair everywhere is not very practical and so we shaped the image of the entire wall. We used old frames for paintings and mirrors which were in different styles of ornamentation and painted them in different colors. Then the idea came to us to put pop art style in the overall concept of the interior design of the beauty studio.

I would like to note that our interior design company was commissioned to develop the logo of the beauty studio. Therefore we came up with the idea for a special wall for photos, which would depict the logo of the studio and there to take pictures of customers after the beauty treatments.

Hairdressing salon – interior design beauty studio

Interior design beauty studio – manicure

We separated the manicure area on the opposite wall, trying to establish the sense of pop art style in the interior design project. We made the legs of the table red to look more definite, like a high red heel of a business lady. We made one of the four chairs yellow, and on the wall itself we propped up two large canvases with a subframe, on which only one letter is depicted. This is the name of the company – HD beauty studio. On the column between the two workplaces we made three shelves for varnishes. In fact, these are plaster cornices that we glued to the wall. Their size allows them to arrange many varnishes in different colors.

Interior design beauty studio – washing area

Near the manicure area we placed two professional sinks for washing hair, and behind them there is a large storage cabinet with two shelves for cosmetics. We treated this cabinet with special wood oils to achieve the effect of peeled old furniture.

We personally painted the wall behind the two large panels. We made it with two colors of latex. For the application we used a plastic bag, a washing sponge, rollers and whatever else you can think of. And then the designer was trying to quit smoking, which unexpectedly helped 🙂

The makeup area was an option that customers wanted to be present in the interior design project of this beauty studio. The studio did not intend to hire a make-up artist permanently, but they wanted to have an area that would be intended for make-up. But of course, as in many cases, “temporary” becomes “permanent,” and our case was no exception.

In the center of the room there is a large supporting column, which from a defect has become our favorite place. We just installed a make-up mirror with lamps and a table beneath it. Usually make-up artists have briefcases with all the make-up and ointments in them and this is the purpose of the table, when it’s not in use there can always be a bouquet of flowers or other decoration. The client space in this case we decided to be a tall, folding director’s chair.

Interior design studio – makeup

Interior design beauty studio – cash register

We designed the customer service area next to the warehouse. It blocks the access and uses this place in the most practical way. The warehouse has a small kitchen box in which can be prepared coffee and fresh juice for the customers.

To escape the feeling of office we used a ready-made countertop on which we selected the legs with three fulcrums. We wanted it to be more ethereal, freer in order not to create a feeling of office, yet we pursue an overall image of pop art style. We found a plaster statuette on Achilles‘ head, part of a replica of the statue in the castle of Corfu island  in OLX, and painted it in bright yellow for an accent. Very often this style is approached with a slight grotesque which should not be overdone to look stylish and sophisticated and at the same time playful.

About company design and advertising

On the wall behind the cash register we mounted the name of the company-studio for beauty HD.

In our interior design company we develop both interior design and exterior design, and sometimes we have to help our clients with the development of graphic design and advertising. In this case our interior design company developed the logo and advertisement of the beauty studio also helped with the overall advertising concept.

Cosmetics store in a beauty salon. Why not? Especially when one of the side businesses of the company is for cosmetics and perfumes. We decided that this retail space was not to be missed despite the narrow space.

The approach between the two main rooms of this beauty salon is a narrow, long corridor, which we decided to use and therefore offered our customers to include it in the interior design shop for cosmetics and perfumes.

We installed three large beams of solid wood with a cross section of 20×20 cm. We wanted them to look rough and unfinished. We treated them with solid wood wax so that they don’t shine unnecessarily. However, the shine in this concept is expected to be perfumes.

We pasted two huge photo wallpapers with a black and white photo of the statue of David by Michelangelo on the wall and with the appropriate lighting we enhanced the effect of the photo.

With the establishment of this area as “cosmetics store” we managed to use the commercial area of the beauty studio and create another opportunity for the trading company. With one bullet – two rabbits. Our interior design company thinks about everything.

Cosmetics store-interior design

Interior design studio – pedicure

In every interior design of a pedicure salon there are some requirements that our interior company had to comply with, but also to preserve the aesthetic vision of the studio. Pop art style continued to develop in this part of the beauty salon.

Interior design of the function

We built a podium in which all plumbing communications are hidden, lined it with large-sized granite tiles and placed two large armchairs on it.

We found the armchairs in OLX, brought them to Sofia, painted their beautiful wooden details in bright yellow, reupholstered them and included them in our design. We are grateful to the man from Burgas who sold them to us and brought them to our interior studio in Sofia.

In front of the chairs there are pedicure sinks and faucets with a movable shower, which we got from our partners in GERAKA. We selected the sinks so that special elastic bags can be placed on them, which are used for pedicures.

We covered the door leading to the other room with foil, which has a stylized French window.

Interior design and art

Between the two large French armchairs we placed a table for customers’ phones, drinks and other belongings. We hung two photos in gorgeous frames on the wall behind the chairs. One has a photo of the sculpture “Nike of Samothrace”, the original of which is located in the Louvre in Paris.

The other photograph is of Menelaus‘ head, which is part of the “Menelaus Holds the Dead Patroclus” sculpture in Florence.

About the advertising

On the wall next to the pedicure area we propped up a large canvas to serve as a background for photos when the beauty procedure is over.

The idea was for our interior design company to prepare the canvas and deliver it to the beauty salon as a gift.

We painted the wall behind the yellow armchairs the color of dark chocolate. We wanted this interior design to be definite and unceremonious. This could not have happened without bold decisions. The ceilings have French ornaments painted in white, like the rest of the ceiling.

The room leads to a pleasant backyard. This is the second entrance to the beauty salon.

Beauty studio – interior

Cosmetic studio interior

In addition to the pedicure and the photo area, this room has two separate rooms for cosmetic procedures.

They are separated by sliding doors made of glass, on which we glued foil with stylized French windows. The requirement was to provide an intimate environment for cosmetic procedures because some of them are not very pleasant to observe and others are even painful at times. That is why personal space is a must in this interior solution.

If you want to find out more about this beauty salon, you could check out their Facebook page or visit them on site here.