Interior designer services are focused on exact numbers so the interior project begins with proper interior measurements.

interior designer services – architectural measurements

Our interior designer spends hours with the laser tape in order to measure everything that the object includes and to give you the best interior design services on the market. Each architectural feature of the building is measured and described in detail.

The interior designer takes the necessary photos so that we are aware at each stage of the project what we had found in the beginning. In this way we save a lot of nerves in the process of preparing interior design.

We don’t trust anyone, so we prefer to take the time to save ourselves the trouble.

Our many years of experience in interior design services field have taught us that the more accurate we start, the better the results in the end. The best interior designers in Bulgaria take the dimensions of their objects themselves.

When we have measured everything, we prepare an executive drawing, which we provide to our clients so that they are aware at any time with the dimensions of their property.

You can download all drawings with primary dimensions at any time from customer login in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen

interior designer services – functional areas

“Form follows function”, this is a basic rule in the work of any interior designer.

We take exact dimensions from a given place and start zoning the premises. We determine the positions of the main groups of furniture and arrange them schematically.

We explore the space for the opportunities it offers, analyze the dimensions and arrange. We define the walking lines so that there are no conflict points. Our goal is to make the interior functional and comfortable to live in.

Each interior project is different, but very often we have to move walls or build new ones. It depends on the purpose, needs and lifestyle of the client, because for us the interior is the body and you are the spirit of each project.

The best interior designers in Sofia and the country pay the greatest attention to functionality and ergonomics in their future interior projects.

When we are ready, we provide a project with functional zoning, as a primary proposal for interior design.

In this drawing you can make your remarks or give us additional requirements. We can remove and install additional furniture, appliances, accessories and everything that includes an interior design service.

You can download the functional areas drawings at any time from customer login in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

interior designers service – conceptual design

The idea in interior project is perhaps what we call the “Wow” effect. When you invite someone to a ready-made home designed by our interior designer, the first word should be “wow”. Then our interior designer realizes that he has surpassed himself, because we want to surpass ourselves in every new interior project we undertake.

The conceptual design begins with arranging the interior, setting the appropriate furniture, appliances and accessories. This is the essence of good interior designer service.

Keep in mind that we are engineers and even at the conceptual design level we know which furniture will be produced and where. As “interesting” and difficult as it may seem to you, we know how it is made. All you have to do is tell us what you like or what needs to change or add to the interior design.

The drawings that our interior designers will offer you are 2D interior plans, as well as unfolding of characteristic walls.

The plans depict everything that steps on the floor, all the accessories and furniture that our interior designer has set.

The unfolding of characteristic walls reflect our idea of arranging the walls in the interior. Finishing of walls, pre-wall cladding, works of art and other elements of interior design.

The conceptual design is the time for corrections, when together we determine the parameters of the interior design.

When we are ready you can download your conceptual interior design at any time from customer login in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

interior designer 3d visualizations

The 3D visualizations that our interior designers prepares on the conceptual design phase are in HD quality and high resolution of about 2000×1000 pixels. This allows us to look at the details at zoom.

The best interior ideas that come to mind deserve quality performance. That’s why we cover every corner of the premises with a 3D vision in order to see what the dream home will look like.

We usually include two 3D visualizations per room, but sometimes we do more depending on the size of the interior and the specifics of the rooms.

3D visualizations are a way to show you how we have combined different colors and materials in our project. This also helps us to feel the atmosphere, to analyze the space and to offer the best interior design.

The best interior designers in Bulgaria make their own 3D visualizations to make sure they offer their customers the best.

For more information on the process of creating 3D visualizations, modeling and rendering, you can view the Wikipedia article on the topic.

When each new 3D preview is ready, you can download it from the customer login in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

interior designer – working project

The best interior designer is known by the working project, which he develops after the conceptual interior design. This is the phase in which form and function acquire real dimensions. This reveals the experience and knowledge that good interior designers have.

The working project covers many specialties that are related to each other and the correct positioning of each outlet is crucial for the final result.

We develop all the necessary drawings to proceed to the quality of interior design.

The working project in each of our interior designs includes: plan of internal partition walls, plumbing project, electrical project, plan soffit (plan of ceilings), plan of flooring, plan of heating and ventilation, plan of finishing works on the walls, plan of arrangement.

These drawings are shaped so that there are no overlaps in the outlets. They comply with the functionality and the idea of the interior. Thanks to them, the construction workers understand how to work and implement the highest quality interior decision we have submitted.

On each drawing of the working interior project there is a telephone number to which during working hours the construction workers can call and ask for the details that interest them.

All working projects for interior design are uploaded on our website and you can download and print them whenever you want from the customer login in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

designer furniture by an interior designer

Our designer furniture is unique for each new interior project. All of them are invented in the conceptual design phase and then drawn in detail in the working design phase.

For our best interior designers, developing working drawings for furniture is an extremely enjoyable part of the job.

Each piece of furniture is drawn in a separate 2d drawing with views, sections and characteristic details. Each piece of furniture is dimensioned and if there are specifics to their production are described in a separate table with specifications.

We develop designer furniture for each interior specifically. We try to make them unique and not repeat them in our new projects. The best interior designer always strives to surpass himself in every new interior project.

Each drawing that our interior designer develops is numbered with a unique code that shows its position in the finished interior. These codes are also present in the arrangement plan, and in this way anyone who opens the drawing can see which furniture is assembled and where it is positioned.

These drawings include important information about the type of materials, colors and method of manufacture. This distinguishes our designer furniture from the furniture of other interior designers.

You can download the drawings for the production of our designer furniture at any time from the entrance for clients which is in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

Interior designer services – offers, specifications with prices

In addition to the working drawings, we offer the opportunity to get more information about the other elements in the interior designer service.

We know where each item from our interior design ideas can be purchased or manufactured. Lighting, furniture, everything for the bathroom, and many other interior elements.

The specification includes manufacturers, suppliers, prices of materials, quantities and other necessary information needed to implement the interior design with quality.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to implement our interior design project by providing you with systematic information.

You have the opportunity to find out where the best interior designers in Bulgaria buy everything they may need.

We have the honor to work with proven and proven companies in which we trust that they will not abuse our recommendations.

We develop a specification of everything we have proposed in the interior design project. In this way we are able to show you where to find the things you need.

Each element of the specification has a number, which is also present in the drawings of the working interior design. So that you have information about what it is intended for and where.

All offers for your furniture can be downloaded at any time from customer login on our site which is in “For clients” section at the top right corner of your screen.

author’s supervision by an interior designer

Even the best interior design idea would be worthless if not implemented properly. That is why we offer the author’s supervision interior designer services, in which our designer will take care of everything.

Construction workers, deliveries, meetings with manufacturers, discussion of details and many other work processes will remain hidden from you, and you will move into your dream home without any effort. Everyone would prefer not to face the dust and dirt that are present in every renovation and interior design.

You will save a lot of nerves and quarrels.

We will take care of the professional implementation of interior design for you, we will save you time, effort and mistakes.

Our experienced interior designers anticipate possible mistakes and prevents them, which leads to flawless results.

Most of you have heard the phrase “I have construction workers on my head”. We will save you with the author’s supervision service.

Besides, no one knows the interior design we have designed better than ourselves, and no one would do better than our interior designers.

You can be sure that the end result of the designed interior project will be as close as possible to the set idea.

interior designer services – execution

The best interior designers in Sofia work with the best suppliers of materials and the best furniture companies in Bulgaria. This is the best interior designer service we could give you.

We are honored to know them and to have worked together for many years.

These are proven names in the interior design industry that would not allow themselves any abuse with our good name and would not mislead our customers.

We have had cases in which a light fixture arrives damaged or some piece of furniture is scratched. Everything is replaced at the expense of the manufacturer or supplier. This is a fact we are proud of and thank our partners for.

Each new project is a challenge for us because it may contain items purchased from unknown suppliers. In this case, we warn our customers to be more vigilant. Of course, this face us against new partners and helps us to build our contacts.

The implementation of interior projects is associated with requirement for a lot of knowledge and experience that has accumulated over the years.

It is important for us that the implementation of the projects is done according to the exact following of the set idea in the interior projects. Finally, we have the opportunity to take pictures and be proud of the implementation of our interior design project.

We try to cover in detail the working process and explain the interior designer services as part of the work of our interior designers, describing everything in the articles in our blog. There we answer frequently asked questions on interior designer services, but if we had missed something you can contact us at the phone number below and ask us. 

You can get more details about the profession of interior designers in the Wikipedia article, which briefly describes the background of the profession and when it originated in.